Competition Sections

There are 3 Competition Sections - Advanced, Intermediate and Beginners.

Promotion between sections will operate as follows;-
A Member shall be promoted from Beginners to Intermediate once they have accumulated 25 points. 
A Member shall be promoted from Intermediate to Advanced once they have accumulated 50 points.
(Points cannot be carried forward from Beginners to Intermediate)

To check which Section you are in please answer Yes or No to the following questions and follow the arrows.

A member may, prior to entering their first competition in a Competition year, submit a panel of at least 7 images (print or digital) in support of a request to compete in a higher section. 
The panel must be presented to the Competition Secretary at least 2 weeks before entry into the first competition, to allow proper time for adjudication by a group of at least 3 experienced members as chosen by the Chairman. 
Images used in the panel shall be eligible for entry in Club Competitions during the season immediately following the panel submission.

Unless otherwise requested new members compete in the Beginners section.
'Beginners' does not mean necessarily new to photography but new to club photographic competitions and judging.

Points are awarded for 1st, 2nd & 3rd places and Highly Commended's.
Members move up to the next section when they have accumulated
enough points. See Rules

Please contact the Competition Secretary if you have any queries.