Print Requirements
Please note new rules (see Competition Rules 1.14 & 1.15 for details)
Prints must be marked T for 'Traditional' or C for 'Creative' & the titles emailed to the Competition Secretary by the final entry date

PRINTS must be mounted.
The maximum mount size is 500mm x 400mm.
Although smaller mounted prints than the maximum are acceptable for internal Club competitions and Club exhibitions they will not be eligible for consideration for external Battles or Exhibitions unless remounted at 500 mm x 400 mm.

lf the correct orientation of a print is not obvious from the subject then the top edge on the back of the mount must be marked 'TOP'.

Prints must clearly show on the back the title, member’s number and section.
No names are to be shown.  Title - max. 35 letters inc, spaces

Add T for traditional' or C for 'Creative' after title

Number prints in order of preference.
Sections are either: A (Advanced), Int (Intermediate) or B  (Beginners).
e.g. 01 The Sunset 321 Int  T     02 A Car 321 Int  C  03 Flowers 321 Int T
Also please email a list of your titles to the competition secretary

For more info on mounting prints - Please see 'Print mounting information'