Please note new rules
Entries to open competitions shall be declared as either “Traditional” or “Creative” by the photographer at the time of entry, by means of a suffix of “T” (Traditional) or “C” (Creative) added to the entry class and on the list sent to the Competition Secretary 
see Competition Rules 1.14 & 1.15 for details

DIGITAL IMAGES for projection should be numbered and titled in exactly the format used in the examples that follow:

Two digit number (space) title    -  01 Title          02 Title      03 Title   (numbered in order of preference)
Titles must have no more than 35 characters including spaces
(do not use any other keyboard characters or add T or C to your title)


Maximum image size in the horizontal axis is 1920 pixels and in the vertical axis 1080 pixels.

Images must be in sRGB mode (even for monochrome images).

DIGITAL IMAGES must be saved in the Jpeg format at Maximum Quality.

Entries must be sent to the Competition Secretary (or other designated person) to arrive by the final entry date of the competition.

Entries will be accepted by email or entries can be saved on a CD or USB Memory stick and brought to a club meeting.

Please list your entry titles with your order of preference on the email containing your entry and
include T (Traditional) or C (Creative) against each title on the email ( do not add this to the title on your image.) 

Notes on how to prepare digital images for club competition entry


1Resize and re-name your entries

Titles must not exceed 35 characters (including spaces). Please check your titles carefully before sending
Two digit number (space) title    -  01 Title          02 Title      03 Title   (numbered in order of preference)
Titles must have no more than 35 characters including spaces
(do not use any other keyboard characters or add T or C to your title)

2 Create a New Folder and rename it with your Name and Section

e.g. Joe Bloggs Beg   or Josie Bloggs Int
Sections are Advanced (Adv), Intermediate (Int) or Beginners (Beg)   New members please see Competition Sections

3 Drag or copy & paste your entries into the folder

Send in your entry. 

Send your folder to a ‘Zipped Folder’ and attach that zipped folder to an email. (Preferred method)    

The subject of the e-mail should state which competition the attached folder is an entry for.

or bring on a USB Memory Stick or CD labled with your name to a Club meeting.

Notes - Please read the rules for each type of competition carefully.

Check number of entries and rules for each type of competition.

Check your entry is correct before emailing or sending to CD or USB

Before entering a competition for the first time please decide which Section you are entering.

All entries received by email will be acknowledged.
If an acknowledgement is not received within a day of the deadline please contact the Competition Secretary.

You can follow the 4 steps in the following graphic
 folder graphic

If you are not sure if you have compiled your competition folder correctly please email or hand in your CD or USB well before the final closing date so that it can be checked.

If you still have any problems please contact the Competition Secretary


Resizing images for DCC Projected Image Competitions

Please ensure that your digital images are resized correctly before submitting them for competitions.
The following guidelines may be helpful to you.

The Club's digital projector has a native resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and it is necessary to resize all digital images that are entered into any of the Club's Projected Digital Image competitions so that images fall within those pixel dimensions.

To re-size your image:
The resizing instructions that follow have been based on the procedures used in Photoshop Elements 8 – other versions and other editing software may look slightly different but most will work in a very similar way.
If you do not have any image editing software on your computer then you may wish to try  Picasa  which can be downloaded from the internet free of charge.

resize 2   

Click ‘Image’ select ‘Resize’ and then ‘Image Size’

The ‘Image Size’ dialogue box (shown left) will now open

Check that 'pixels' is shown - otherwise change to 'pixels as shown.

Check that 'Constrain Proportions' and 'Resample Image' are both ticked. In the drop down resample menu choose 'Bicubic'

If your image is a landscape shape - delete the highlighted figure in the Height box & type 1080 in the box

Your software will automatically calculate the dimension for the width and will be shown in the Width box. Should this figure exceed 1920 pixels, reduce the width down to 1920 pixels.

If your image is  portrait shape or square -  type 1080 in the Height box. Your software will automatically calculate the dimension for the width.

Check that your image is the correct size before sending.

You do not have to re-crop your image to make it exactly 1920 pixels high x 1080 pixels wide.

Think of it as fitting your resized image into an imaginary box, as shown below.
Examples shown are all correctly resized.

To save your image:
From the ‘File’ menu, select ‘Save As’ - a dialogue box will open.
Re-name your image to 01 space and the title of your image. e.g. 01 Sunset  (number your second entry 02 title)
Check the file format is JPEG in the ‘Format’ box below,
Save as sRGB

Specify a ‘Save in’ location and click ‘Save’
It is usually best to have a separate  folder on your hard drive for resized competition entries just to be sure that you don't overwrite the original (full size) image file! 

(Notes: If using Picasa - click File - Export picture to folder - Resize 1920 for 'landscape' images- 1080 for 'portrait' or square images - quality- Maximum- Export.  If using Gimp 2.8 - check that you can save image as a Jpeg.)

To submit your competition entry: Follow the instructions in step 4 above. Send your folder to a zip file & email your zip file to the competition secretary before the final entry date. or save the images onto a CD or a USB Flash Drive (Memory Stick) and bring to a club meeting on or before the final entry date.
You will receive a form by email before the competition - complete the form and return to the Competition secretary.

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