DCC Competition Rules

General Competition Rules: Section 1
External Competitions: Section 2
Competition Sections: Section 3
Open Competitions: Section 4
Annual Competitions: Section 5
Photographer of the Year Competitions: Section 6
Other Competitions: Section 7
Entry Requirements for Competitions: Section 8
Entry Requirements for Battles & External Competitions: Section 9
Awards: Section 10

1 General Rules
1.1   The Competition Year runs from 1st September to 31st August.

1.2   All elements of a photographic image must have been taken by the photographer by whatever photographic medium is used.

1.3 The following are eligible to enter competitions: 

• Life Members
• All members who have paid their annual subscription
• Returning members until 31st October.  However, returning members who do not pay their annual subscription by 31st October will be deemed to have left the club and any points gained in competitions up to that point will be annulled.

1.4   Manipulation of images is acceptable in all competitions except where the entry rules for the competition state otherwise.

1.5  All Entries must comply with the relevant competition entry requirements determined by the Committee from time to time and notified to all members and in addition;-

1.5.1 All Print entries must be clearly titled and show the member’s competition number and section. They must not show the members name.

1.5.2 All Projected Image entry files must be titled with the title, entrants name and section in accordance with the format determined by the Committee from time to time. The current entry requirements can be found in Section 8 below.

1.6  Closing Dates for entries will be specified in the programme or otherwise notified to all Club Members by email or via the Club Website.
The Chairman and Competition Secretary may change a Closing Date at their discretion but notification of the change must be circulated to all Club members ahead of the original closing date.

1.7 Entries which do not conform to these Rules or are submitted after the Closing Date will not be accepted.

1.8 The Committee reserves the right to limit the entry for any Competition where the total number of entries received for the judging session exceeds 80; or not to run a competition where there are fewer than 3 entries.
This requirement does not apply to any audio visual competition.

1.9 An image or AV (or one that is significantly similar) which has been placed or Highly Commended may not be entered in any other club competition in the same or subsequent years except the Projected Image League (para 5.6), the Biennial Print Exhibition competitions (para 7.2) and the Print and Projected Image of the Year (para 6.2).

1.10 An image or AV (or one that is significantly similar) entered in a projected or print competition may not be re-entered in another club competition in either medium in the same competition year except for the Projected Image League (para 5.6), the Biennial Print Exhibition competitions (para 7.2) and the Print and Projected Image of the Year (para 6.2).  However an image which did not receive a placing or Highly Commended may be entered (in either format) in one further competition, but not in the same club year.  Please check carefully before submitting your images for club competitions. 
The Competition Secretary will have the final say in determining if an entry is eligible.

1.11 All Competitions will be judged by judges selected by the Committee unless the Rules specify otherwise. The judges' decisions are final in all cases.

1.12 All Competition Entries will be presented to the Judge anonymously but the Competition Secretary may announce the name of the photographer after the Judges comments have been given on the image unless anonymity has been requested.

1.13 While all reasonable care will be taken by the Club the entry of work into a Club Competition, Exhibition or external competition representing the Club is entirely at the risk of the member and a copy should be taken if the work is irreplaceable.


2 External Competitions 

2.1  Members may be asked from time to time to submit images for consideration to represent the Club in inter-Club competitions. Projected Images submitted for Club Competitions will be presumed available for selection to represent the Club unless the Member has specifically notified the Club otherwise.

2.2  Rules 1-2 to 1.6 (inclusive) also apply to images being used to represent the Club in External Competitions.

2.3  Members who belong to more than one Photographic Club must notify the Battle Secretary if their images are not available to representthe Club in External Competitions. The Club is entitled to assume that work submitted is eligible to represent Devizes Camera Club unless notified otherwise. Such Members are responsible for ensuring that all relevant rules of the Western Counties Photographic Federation are complied with in respect of their images.

2.4  An image entered in a club competition by a member of Devizes Camera Club (or a very similar image) shall not also be entered on behalf of a different camera club in a Battle, Regional or National competition in which Devizes is also participating.


3 Competition Sections
3.1 Members shall be allocated a Competition Section prior to entering their first images in any Club Competition in a Competition Year  in accordance with the following rules; -

A Member shall compete in the Advanced Section if:
• They competed in the Advanced (formerly General) Section in any previous Competition Year; or
• They achieved promotion from the Intermediate Section in a previous Competition Year; or
• They hold at the start of the Competition Year a recognised photographic distinction or qualification.

 A Member shall compete in the Intermediate Section unless:
• They are required to compete in the Advanced Section; or
• They are eligible to compete in the Beginner's Section and choose to do so.

A Member shall compete in the Beginner's Section unless either:
• They achieved promotion from the Beginner's Section in a previous Competition Year; or
• They are required to compete in the Advanced Section.
See diagram

 A Member may, prior to entering their first competition in a Competition Year, make a request to the Committee to compete in the next lower Section to that in which they competed in the previous Competition Year. 
The Committee will make a decision based on:
• Whether any of the members' entries have been placed or been Highly Commended over the course of recent seasons; and
• The member should not be the holder of a recognised photographic distinction or qualification.  

If a member is allowed to compete in the next lower Section, they will not be eligible for any ' Photographer of the Year' award in the season they were demoted.
However, they will once again accumulate points for any placed or Highly Commended image, and shall, once they reach the requisite points total set out in para 3.3, be promoted once more.

A member may, prior to entering their first competition in a Competition year, submit a panel of at least 7 images (print or digital) in support of a request to compete in a higher section.  The panel must be presented to the Competition Secretary at least 2 weeks before entry into the first competition, to allow proper time for adjudication by a group of at least 3 experienced members as chosen by the Chairman.  Images used in the panel shall be eligible for entry in Club Competitions during the season immediately following the panel submission.

3.2   Separate points records will be maintained for Prints and for Projected Images. However once a Member has achieved the required points total for promotion in one discipline they will automatically be promoted in both.

3.3  A Member shall be promoted from Beginners to Intermediate once they have accumulated 25 points.

A Member shall be promoted from Intermediate to Advanced once they have accumulated 50 points.

Points gained in earlier Competition Years are carried forwards for promotion purposes only. Points are not carried forward when a Member transfers between Sections.

Once the necessary points total has been achieved promotion will take effect from the start of the next Competition Year unless the Member chooses to take it with immediate effect.

4  Open Competitions
4.1 Any member may enter a maximum of 3 entries in each Print or Projected Image Open Competitions held throughout the Competition Year

4.2 These competitions will be open to images of any subject unless the Committee has prescribed a Set Subject or Theme for that particular competition.

4.3 Members will enter the Open Competition in  their own Competition Section.

4.4 The Judge will assess each Section separately and will be asked to comment on each image.

4.5 The judge will be asked to award 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in each Competition Section, together with as many Highly Commended's as merit it, except that the total awards shall not be more than one third of the entries.
To ensure consistency, judges will also be reminded that the club does not recognise an award of 'Commended'.

4.6 Points will be awarded as follows:
     First Place - 6 points
     Second Place - 5 points
     Third Place - 4 points
     Highly Commended - 2 points

5  Annual Competitions 

The following Competitions will be held on an Annual basis. In addition to the General Rules in section 1 of these Rules and the specific entry requirements noted for each Competition the following apply to all of the Competitions listed in this section; - 
Competition Sections do not apply to these Competitions
           The Judge will assess and be asked to comment on each image separately
           The Judge will be asked to award 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in each Competition.
           The judge may also award as many Highly Commended's as merit it except that the total awards shall not be more than one third of the entries.

Points will be awarded as follows;- 
       First Place – 6 points
    Second Place – 5 points
    Third place – 4 points
     Highly Commended – 2  points

Since Competition Sections do not apply to Annual Competitions, bonus points will be awarded to any member ordinarily competing in either
Beginners or Intermediate sections who gain a placing or highly commended in any of the following competitions:

•   Nature Competitions
•   Landscape Competitions
•   Pencil of Nature Monochrome Print Competition
•   Creative Photography Competition
•   Projected Image LeagueNature Competitions

Bonus points will be awarded as follows:
Placing 1st, 2nd or 3rd (per image) – 2 bonus points
Highly Commended (per image) – 1 bonus point


5.1  Nature Competitions
5.1.1 The John Sowman Memorial Trophy will be awarded for the best Print of a Nature subject.

5.1.2 The Bowker-Praed Challenge Trophy will be awarded for the best Projected Image of a Nature subject.

Each Member may submit up to three images for each of these competitions

Note 1 We define Nature as depicting living, untamed animals and uncultivated plants in a natural habitat, geology and the wide diversity of natural phenomena, from insects to icebergs.
Photographs of animals which are domesticated, caged or under any form of restraint, as well as photographs of cultivated plants are ineligible.
Minimal evidence of humans is acceptable for nature subjects, such as barn owls or storks adapting to an environment modified by humans, or natural forces, like hurricanes or tidal waves, reclaiming it.
The original image must have been taken by the photographer, whatever photographic medium is used.
Any manipulation or modification to the original image is limited to minor retouching of blemishes, selective lightening and darkening, and must not alter the content of the original scene.

Cloning is not permitted. Focus stacking is permitted.
After satisfying the above requirements, every effort should be made to use the highest level of artistic skill in all nature photographs’.

Note 2  Accurate, brief, descriptive titles are recommended for nature photographs. In both of the above Nature Competitions the use of ‘humorous’ or ‘cute’ titles should be avoided.
Note 3  Entries should allow for a well-informed person to be able to identify the subject material and to certify as to its honest presentation.
Note 4  Entries will be subject to scrutiny by the Competition Secretary and two other well informed people to determine their eligibility under the above definitions.
Members will be informed if an entry cannot be accepted and given the opportunity to substitute where possible.

5.2 Monochrome Print Competition
The Pencil of Nature Camera, donated by Syd Holley, will be awarded for the best monochrome print on any subject.
Each member may submit up to 3 prints.
Note  - Monochrome shall be defined by FIAP as: ‘A black and white work fitting from the very dark grey (black) to the very clear grey (white) is a monochrome work with the various shades of grey.
A black and white work toned entirely in a single colour will remain a monochrome work able to stand in the black and white category; such a work can be reproduced in black and white in the catalogue of a salon under FIAP Patronage.
On the other hand a black and white work modified by a partial toning or by the addition of one colour becomes a colour work (polychrome) to stand in the colour category; such a work requires colour reproduction in the catalogue of a salon under FIAP Patronage’.


5.3   Landscape Competitions

5.3.1 The Derrick Turner Memorial Trophy will be awarded for the best Landscape Projected Image taken within the British Isles

5.3.2 The Silver Birches Trophy will be awarded for the best Landscape Print taken anywhere in the World.

Each Member may submit up to three images for each of these competitions

Note 1 Landscape shall be defined as 'an extensive area of natural scenery'.

Note 2 The British Isles requirement for the Derrick Turner memorial Trophy is a geographic term, and includes Ireland, the many off shore islands,and also by tradition the Channel Islands.

Note 3 The title of the entry must include an indication of the location of the landscape.

Note 4 The emphasis is on 'Natural Scenery', although for these purposes, reservoirs and artificial lakes, managed woodland, ploughed/cultivated fields etc. are included within the term Natural. Man-made/built structures such as landmark buildings, monuments etc. are also acceptable provided they are depicted within their natural setting. Such structures should not be the main subject of the image.

Note 5 Digital adjustments to selectively lighten or darken areas of the picture, change contrast and colour saturation, change colour balance, together with High Dynamic Range (HDR) processing are allowed.
Stitching together multiple pictures to create a panorama is also allowed.

Note 6 The essential integrity of the scene must be maintained, and the making of physical changes to the landscape by digital means is prohibited. It must be possible to go to the location and see the scene exactly as it appears.
Thus trees, fences, telegraph poles and other permanent structures must not be removed or added. Additionally it is not permitted to use a sky from another picture/location.

Note 7 It is however legitimate to remove 'transient' elements of human origin from the scene, notably people, vehicles, boats, aircraft and vapour trails, since this does not detract from the principle of being able to go to the location to see the scene exactly as it appears.

Note 8 Entries will be subject to scrutiny by the Competition Secretary and two other well informed people to determine their eligibility under the above definitions.
Members will be informed if an entry cannot be accepted and given the opportunity to substitute where possible.

5.4 Creative Photography Competition
The Demiurgic Trophy, donated by Rod Stowell, will be awarded for best overall Creative Photography image.
Members may submit  3 projected images for this competition.
Note 1 Creative photography shall be defined as ‘The use of photography as a means of expression and as a vehicle for the photographer to make a personal photographic statement.
The photographer should seek to stimulate the imagination and arouse the emotions of the viewer. It should be the input of the photographer which makes the description of creative, appropriate’.

Note 2 All elements of a creative photographic image for this competition must be derived from the photographic images of the maker.
Note 3  In the interest of stimulating new work, it is a requirement for this competition that the base photographic image should have been taken within the last two years and that any image, whether in original state or modified, which has been entered into any Club competitions previously will not be eligible.
Note 4  Any Nature image that would be eligible for the Club’s Nature Competitions (see Rule 5.1 above) is not eligible for this Competition.


5.5 Audio Visual Competition for The Croall Plaque
The Competition is open to digital audio-visual presentations only and will be judged either by an invited judge or by members of the Club.
Entries must not be more than 12 minutes in duration and be with an audio soundtrack.

Any member may enter a maximum of 3 entries each year but if the total running time for all entries in the Competition exceeds 75 minutes the Competition Secretary has the discretion to reduce the number of entries per member.
Members names should not be shown on the AV's
(This competition will not run in the 2016-2017 season)


5.6 Projected Image League for the Hewitt Cup
Each member may enter up to a maximum of three themed sets each comprising of five digitally projected images and will be judged as a set by all Club members present on the night of the competition.
Each set will be marked out of a total of ten marks.
The average of all marks given for the set will be used as that set's League score.
The competitor obtaining the highest total League score shall be the winner.
Points shall be awarded to the top 6 entries, those coming 4th 5th and 6th being deemed to be Highly Commended for this purpose.


6 Photographer of the Year Competitions
6.1 Points gained by each member during the Competition Year from all Competitions within sections 4 and 5 of these Rules will be totaled.
For the avoidance of doubt; -
     For the purposes of Photographer of the Year only separate totals will be kept for each of Prints and Digital Images
     Points awarded from the Annual Competitions will be added to the total for that Member in the Section in which he is competing
     Separate Trophies will be awarded to the Member with the highest accumulated points total during the Competition Year in each of
     the Sections in each of Prints and Projected Images

6.2  Print and Projected Images of the Year
Separate competitions will be run for Prints and Projected images in each of the Competition Sections
A member will be eligible to enter in their Competition Section all of their images during the Competition Year which have attained 1st 2nd or 3rd place in an Open or Annual Competition


7. Other Competitions
7.1 Salon Acceptances competition: The Ryder-Rathband Trophy will be awarded to the Member achieving the most Salon and Exhibition Acceptances in a calendar year. 
Full details of qualifying Salons and Exhibitions and allocation of points for an Acceptance, Ribbon, Highly Commended and Bronze/Silver/Gold medals may be found on the Club website.


7.2  Biennial Print Exhibition
7.2.1 The Derek Parker Challenge Plaque will be awarded to the best home printed image in the Club's Biennial Print Exhibition, subject to the following rules:
• Prints shall be marked 'Trade Processed' or 'Home Printed'
• Only Club Members eligible to compete in the Intermediate or Beginners Sections in the Competition Year immediately preceding the Exhibition shall be eligible to enter
• During the Exhibition, eligible prints for the Derek Parker Challange Challenge Plaque shall be identified.
• The Club Committee shall appoint a suitable judge
• The winner shall hold the trophy until the next Public Print Exhibition held by the club

7.2.2 The Leaze Cottage Trophy donated by Gill Cardy will be awarded to the best overall Print in the Club's Biennial Print Exhibition subject to the following rules:
• All club members shall be eligible to enter
• The Club Committee shall appoint a suitable judge
• The winner shall hold the trophy until the next Public Print Exhibition held by the club

8: Entry Requirements for Competitions
8.1 PRINTS must be mounted. 
The maximum mount size is 500mm x 400mm except for the Silver Birches Landscape Print competition, for which the maximum mount size is 700mm x 400mm to allow for panoramic format prints. 
Note that if a panoramic format print attains either first, second or third place in the Silver Birches competition, it will be eligible for entry into the Print of the Year competition.

Smaller mounted prints than the maximum are acceptable for internal Club competitions and Club exhibitions, but will not be eligible for consideration for external Battles or Exhibitions unless remounted at 500mm x 400mm. 
Panoramic Prints entered into the Silver Birches competition will likewise need to be scaled down to fit into a 500mm x 400mm mount size to be eligible for consideration for external Battles or Exhibitions.

If the correct orientation of a print is not obvious from the subject, then the top edge on the back of the mount must be marked 'TOP'. 
Prints must clearly show on the back the title, member's number and category section. Prints should be numbered 01, 02, or 03 in order of preference.
No names are to be shown.

8.2 DIGITAL IMAGES for projection.
1 Rename & Resize entries. Titles must not exceed 25 characters (including spaces). (Quotation marks or any other punctuation characters must not be included anywhere within the above format) Images must be numbered in order of preference.
Number space title e.g. 01 Title 02 Title 03 Title

Check the maximum number of entries for each competition.
Maximum image size in the horizontal axis is 1920 pixels and in the vertical axis 1080 pixels.
Images must be in sRGB mode (even for monochrome images).
Images must be saved in the Jpeg format at Maximum Quality.
2 Create a New Folder - rename with your name and section
e.g. Joe Bloggs Beg   or Josie Bloggs Int
Sections are - Beginners (Beg) Intermediate (Int) Advanced (Adv) 
3  Drag or copy your entries into the named folder
4  Send your entry to the Competition Secretary (or other designated person) to arrive by the final entry date of the competition.
For email entries - send your folder to a ‘Zipped Folder’ and attach that zipped folder to an email. The subject of the email should state which competition the attached folder is an entry for.
Or send your folder to a USB Memory Stick or burn to a CD labled with your name and bring to a Club meeting.

9  Entry Requirements For Battles & External Competitions
Club Competition requirements apply except:
PRINTS: Mounts must be 500mm x 400mm with title and membership number only on the back.

DIGITAL IMAGES for projection to be named as follows: Title underscore members name eg Sunset_Joe Blogs. 
Titles must not exceed 25 characters (including spaces) with no other punctuation.  Images do not require numbering.  Entries can be on a CD or emailed singly or emailed in an attached zip file. 
Information on the entry requirements for each Battle, according to the rules of the Battle or outside Competition will be circulated to members. 
Entries are to be sent to the Battle Secretary (or other designated recipient) by no later than the given date.


10  Awards

Projected Images Photographer of the Year (Advanced) - Payne Cup
Photographer of the Year (Intermediate) - Intermediate Photographer Shield
Photographer of the Year (Beginners) - Beginners Salver
Projected Image of the Year (Advanced) - Payne Plate
Projected Image of the Year (Intermediate) - Monkton Trophy
Projected Image of the Year (Beginners ) - Beginners Salver
Audio-Visual Competition - Croall Plaque
Projected Image League - Hewitt Cup
Nature Competition - Bowker Praed Shield
Landscape Competition - Derrick Turner Memorial Trophy

Prints Photographer of the Year (Advanced) - Roy Kemp Rose Bowl
Photographer of the Year (Intermediate) - 'Rabbit' Plaque
Photographer of the Year (Beginners) - Ralph Pullen Memorial Trophy
Print of the Year (Advanced Category) - Payne Trophy
Print of the Year (Intermediate) - Cherhill Plate
Print of the Year (Beginners ) - Beginners Cup
Nature Competition - John Sowman Memorial Trophy
Landscape Competition - Silver Birches Trophy
Monochrome Print Competition - Syd Holley 'Camera' Trophy

Best Overall Image Awards (Print or Projected Image)
Creative Photography Competition - Rod Stowell Demiurgic Trophy
Set Subject Competition - Club Trophy

Biennial Awards
Best 'home printed' Print in Exhibition - Derek Parker Plaque
Best Overall Print in Exhibition  - Leaze Cottage Trophy
Salon Entries Most Salon Entries in a Calendar Year - Ryder Rathband Trophy

Glossary, Abbreviations and Information

BPE: British Photographic Exhibitions   
British Photographic Exhibitions include 17 National exhibitions e.g. Solihull, Southport, Rushden.
Points are awarded for acceptances into these exhibitions with one point for each photograph accepted.
The awards are: 25 points - 1 Crown; 50 points - 2 Crowns; 100 points - 3 Crowns; 200 points - 4 Crowns and 300 points - 5 Crowns.

DCC: Devizes Camera Club        

DPIC: Digital Projected Image Competition   

Throughout the season there are many external competitions, which may also be called Salons or Exhibitions.
These can usually be entered by any individual (an entrance fee is charged).
The major ones, especially if international, are of an extremely high standard.
All entries are judged but only the best ones are ‘accepted’ to be exhibited.

FIAP: Federation Internationale de l'Art Photographique   
Also known as the International Federation of Photographic Art. Members are national photographic federations. It is limited to one per country.
Great Britain is represented by the PAGB.
FIAP created a worldwide system of photographic Distinctions to encourage photographers to take part in international events, whereby each entry accepted in FIAP supported Salons or Exhibitions is given a point towards a Distinction:
AFIAP-Artist FIAP; EFIAP- Excellence FIAP; EFIAP/b-EFIAP Bronze; EFIAP/s- EFIAP Silver; EFIAP/g-EFIAP Gold; EFIAP/p–EFIAP Platinum; MFIAP-Master Photographer FIAP

PAGB: Photographic Alliance of Great Britain 
Most Camera clubs are affiliated to the PAGB which, for example provides insurance cover for clubs.
They provide patronage for regional, national and international competitions and hold interfederation print and projected image competitions.
The PAGB is divided into 15 regional Federations. WCPF is our Federation. T
he PAGB also awards various levels of distinction awards for photographic merit, which can be attempted by anybody who has had work accepted for their Federation competition or exhibitions, and gained the requisite number of points.
These awards are: Credit - CPAGB; Distinction - DPAGB and Master - MPAGB, in order of merit.
Work has to be submitted for judging.
CPAGB is considered to represent a ‘Good Club Standard’, DPAGB is ‘Open Exhibition Standard’ and MPAGB is the ‘Highest Standard of Amateur Photography’.
These are not to be confused with APAGB which is an honour, awarded to recognise a person who has given outstanding service to photographers and clubs within the PAGB.

RPS: The Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain

This organisation covers all aspects of photography, professional and amateur. It is a Learned Society and promotes photography internationally as a visual art form. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in photography. The Society Headquarters are in Bath, making membership particularly attractive to photographers in this area. At Bath there are frequent exhibitions and events. In addition the RPS has many specialist interest groups that promote particular aspects of photography as well as a regional structure with a programme of several hundred events annually across the country. A Journal and other specialist technical papers are published by the RPS. The RPS award Distinctions (LRPS - Licentiate; ARPS - Associate; FRPS - Fellow) for photographic merit following submission of a panel of prints, digital images or slides to the appropriate Distinctions Panel.

WCPF: Western Counties Photographic Federation.
WCPF is our federation which stretches from Swindon to Cornwall.
WCPF hold competitions with the main ones that we enter as a club being DPIC (Digital Projected Image Competition) held in February and the Print competition for the Kingswood Salver held in November.
For DPIC each club selects the required number of images from its members and any member can submit their projected images for selection.
There is also a Members Exhibition for both Digital images and prints which is held in April.
Any club member, as an individual, can send in images to the WCPF for selection for the Members Exhibition.
Each image selected for the WCPF Member’s Exhibition is awarded points