Audio - Visual Competition
Audio Visual Competition for the Croall Plaque:  The competition is open to digital audio-visual presentations only and will be judged either by an invited judge or by members of the Club.
Entries must not be more than 12 minutes in duration and be with an audio soundtrack. 
Any member may enter a maximum of three entries each year, but if the total running time for all entries exceeds 75 minutes, the Competition Secretary has the discretion to reduce the number of entries to one per member. 
Members’ names should not be shown on the AVs.  

Any member who has not made an audio - visual sequence or would like some advice please ask the Competition Secretary or a member of the committee.
You will need some software on your computer to make an AV.
A recomended programme is Pictures to Exe available for PC but not currently for Mac.The cost is approx. £53 for the basic and £106 for the de-luxe and there are tutorials on line to get you started. (this software is also excellent for making your own slideshows from any set of your photos) 
AV's on a Mac pdf. - Club member David Eagle has researched what software is available to make an AV on a Mac computer.

Creative Photography Competition
The Demiurgic Trophy, donated by Rod Stowell, will be awarded for best Creative Photography Image.
Members may submit up to 3 Projected Images for this competition.
Rule 1 - Creative Photography shall be defined as 'The use of photography as a means of expression and as a vehicle for the photographer to make a personal photographic statement.  The photographer should seek to stimulate the imagination and arouse the emotions of the viewer.  It should be the input of the photographer which makes the description of creative, appropriate.'
Rule 2 - All elements of a creative photographic image for this competition must be derived from the photographic images of the maker.
Rule 3 - In the interest of stimulating new work, it is a requirement for this competition that the base photographic image should have been taken within the last two years, and that any image, whether in original state or modified, which has been entered into any Club competition previously will not be eligible.
Rule 4 - Any Nature image that would be eligible for the Club's Nature Competitions (see Rule 5.1 above) is not eligible for this competition.