Annual General Meeting and Presentation of Awards 14 May 2019   
Chairman Steve Hardman opened the proceedings for the clubs 2019 AGM by saying how surprised he had been to find he had been made chairman in his absence at the previous AGM!
One of the things Steve particularly noticed when he first joined the club was that there was a huge wealth of experience and photographic knowledge amongst members which they only too ready to share if asked.
Steve said that there is a very hardworking, dedicated and enthusiastic committee who beaver away in the background trying to make things happen and deserve massive thanks.
In his Annual report Steve went on to thank the committee members starting with Roly Barth who found himself as Competition Secretary after Stephen Burgess could not take on the role because of work commitments. Roly also took on the role of Vice Chairman and has stood in for Steve when he has not been able to attend meetings.
Dave Gray was thanked for his dedicated work as Club Secretary and also for leading the Landscape Group.
Robert Harvey ARPS EFIAP has been a member of the Club for many years but over the last 4
years as Programme Secretary he has excelled in producing an ever-improving speaker programme which must be the envy of other clubs far and wide. The quality and range of speakers he has organised has attracted many visitors to come along to club presentation evenings. Robert has organised and led many of the clubs Landscape Group day and weekend visits to many parts of the UK. As a thank-you for all the work he has done for the Club Robert was made a Life Member.
Battle Secretary Frank Collins was thanked for his role in organising the outside competitions and battles with other clubs and will be standing down for next season as the club has a rule that and roles have to be changed after 4 years.
Richard Atkinson AFIAP was thanked for stepping in early in the season when work prevented Lynda Croft from continuing as Treasurer. Richard has been ably assisted by Peter Tasker taking attendance fees on the desk. Caroline Wright as Membership Secretary had done a great job and Craig Purvis has hugely raised the profile of the club, and kept it up to date, on social media in his role as Publicity Officer.
A big thanks went to Mike (Mr Fixit) Saunders who arrives early and sets out the chairs and equipment and attends Sports Club meetings on behalf of the club. Mike stepped in to sort out the trophies and has even built the secure cupboard for the club equipment.
Jean Ingram stepped down from organising the break-time refreshments for many years and the Role has been taken over by Pam Mullings. Although no longer on the committee, Steve thanked Pam for her work in many different roles for the club since joining in 2007 and was made a Life Member.
Officers Reports
Starting with Club Secretary, Dave Gray who said that the committee had met 9 times during the year and he thanked them for their work in their various roles.
On a sad note, Dave paid tribute to Eddie Marsh who  has passed away and  had been a member of the club for decades. In the days of film Eddie was one of its leading lights and always willing to help in many ways.
Treasurer Richard Atkinson whose accounts of the club’s finances had been distributed to members on line showing that the club was still in a healthy position. Funds were boosted by an increase in paid up membership, reflecting the efforts of members to raise the profile of the club on social media to attract new members.
Robert Harvey gave his report as Programme Secretary saying that the club has  enjoyed 16 outside speakers during the year on a wide variety of topics. Robert mentioned Victoria Hillman and Alyn Wallace who are both young photographers at the top of their game, who gave us refreshingly different insights into their respective passions for macro photography and astrophotography. Another excellent speaker was Viveca Koh FRPS, with her inimitable style in creative images of urban exploration. Robert has organised an equally interesting programme for the new season starting in September.
A report by Roly Barth as Competition Secretary was read out as unfortunately Roly is in hospital and a card is being sent from members wishing him a speedy recovery.
Roly had stated that 2018/19 has been a busy year for competitions with all the normal competitions as well as the re-introduction of the Audio Visual format, which had been missing from the programme of late. Whilst only a few entries were received for this competition, the quality of entries was high, which is impressive when bearing in mind the amount of work required to compile an AV entry. Sadly, once again, the print competitions failed to secure the same level of support this year as the projected image competitions; consideration will have to be given to encourage members to join in. A number of judges have commented on the high standard of images they have had to assess in the various competitions and the difficulty they have to distinguish the top awards, which is a reflection of the good state of the club.
Battle Secretary Frank Collins read out his report giving the results of the various competitions the club has entered. We had several ‘Battles’ with other clubs and were pleased to welcome Frome Wessex to a home battle. The last battle of the season was the Ladies v Gents.
Dave Gray then reported on the Landscape Group which had had a comparatively quiet year. The monthly meeting had been well attended and members of the group had just come back from a weekend visit to North Cornwall. Plans are afoot for a weekend to photograph the coast and castles of Northumberland early next year and a week-long trip to the Dolomites in 2001.
Pam Mullings said that the website continues to give information for club members and publicise the club activities and asked if any members would like to contribute by writing articles from time to time.
The only resolution club members present had to consider was a proposal to increase the Annual Subscriptions as they had not been raised for several years. It was pointed out that the venue the club had unexpected expenses and needed affiliated members to contribute.
Club members agreed to a rise of £5 to £40 and the weekly attendance fee was raised by 50p to £2-50.
Election of Officers for 2019-2000.
Steve stays on as Chairman, Dave as Secretary and Richard continues as Treasurer.
Craig takes over from Robert as Programme Secretary.
Roly has done an excellent job as Competition Secretary but to make this huge time consuming task easier 3 members will fill the role next season. David Wilkinson, David Eagle and Frank Collins were elected and will share this demanding role.
Dave is taking over as Battle Secretary from Frank. Caroline continues keeping the membership list up to date. Mike Saunders continues on the committee together with new members Bridget Codrington and Steve Burgess.
Presentation of Awards
After the break the clubs 21 competition trophies were presented with no less than 9 of those awarded to Robert Harvey. Well done to Robert who once again won almost all the trophies he is eligible for.
See the list of all the trophies awarded this season.
Congratulations to all and thanks to all who entered the various competitions. Everyone can now take a break until the new season starts on 3 September - see you then! PM