Results of DPIC and GB Cup Battles  
The Digital Projected Image Competition (DPIC) is organised annualy by the Western Counties Photographic Federation (WCPF) and all affiliated clubs from the area which stretches from Cornwall to Wiltshire can enter.
The competiton was held in Exeter on Sunday, 10 February - with 57 clubs entered.
Battle secretary Frank Collins and other members attended what was a very busy day with over 1,000 images projected.
The 3 judges can award up to 5 points each so the top mark is 15.
Two images from Devizes were awarded 13 points and seven images were awarded 12 points and the club was in 18th place.

The results have also been announced for the GB Cup Open and Nature projected image competitions which are organised by the Photographic Federation of Great Britain (PAGB) which covers the whole of the UK..
Points are awarded by 3 judges with a maximum 15 points as with DPIC.
2 club images gained 12 points in the Open competition and the club top mark was 11 in the Nature competition.
Thanks to Frank Collins for organising the club entries and to those who chose the images to be entered.
Full results and the top placed images can be seen here