The Landscape Group presents...   5 February 2019   
Dave Gray has been the leader of the DCC Landscape Group since its inception in 2010 and gave us an update on its history and the latest activities.
SW lulworthMembers had in 2010 requested more feedback on their images and also a chance to learn more about using their camera and software so a special interest group was formed for those with a particular interest in landscape photography. More experienced members arranged visits to suitable locations and later weekend visits were organised which allowed members to get to know each other better and give a more social side to the club. The group has monthly indoor meetings where members can discuss their images informally with others and learn new techniques.
CP dorsetDave together with Robert Harvey ARPS EFIAP have organised very many trips in the last 9 years which members have found very enjoyable. Dave and Robert have had years of experience and can lead the field trips showing others how to find the most scenic areas.
Dave showed images taken on these visits during the last year. Starting with the very successful weekend visit to the Snowdonia area in February 2018. Stunning photographs of snow-capped mountains, lakes, valleys and a disused quarry as well as the Menai Bridge were shown.
Images taken during that weekend have since won many of the club competitions and Dave showed a selection. A full report on the Snowdon trip, reports on other visits and more information on the Landscape Group can be seen on the Groups page of this website.
Dave went on to show images from field trip combined with the Nature group to Skomer.

RB corfeA group met at the Caen Hill locks early on 15 September to capture the sunrise as for a short time on that date the sun is aligned directly down the flight.
Many times before the group has visited Stourhead to capture the autumn colours but in 2018 the visit was earlier than usual as the hot dry summer made the colour change early and were not quite as spectacular as in previous visits but members still managed to capture some beautiful scenes.
The latest field trip was to Dorset this February where members captured images of dawn over Corfe Castle and then went on to the spectacular Jurassic coastline. Members photographed stunning Lulworth Cove and Kimmeridge Bay as well as other scenic places in the area. The group finished the busy day trying to capture some sunset shots over the rock pools and the limestone pavements.
Thanks to Dave and Robert as well as Sue Wadman, Roly Barth, David Fraser, Martin Stokes, Frank Collins, Craig Purvis and Dave Evans for sharing some of their many landscape images Taken when out with the group.
The next Landscape Group trip is a weekend visit to North Cornwall and other visits will be organised during the year.

After the break Dave Gray gave a presentation titled ‘Walking with my Camera’
DG westmorelandDave is a very dedicated hill walker and explained that photography and long distance walking do not always go well together. For walking dry weather and nice blue skies are preferable but for good atmospheric photographs it is better to have cloudy skies and even storms to give good light and shade. Dave showed us images taken on his walks in the Lake District with high peaks, deep valleys and spectacular views over the lakes. Next Dave showed images of another of his favourite areas and that was the coastal paths of the spectacular Purbeck coast taking in the many spectacular bays and rocky coastline. Interesting images of the unusual rock strata to be found in the area were shown.
Another area Dave often visits is Scotland with its mountains and lochs. Dave has captured images of dramatic skies, unusual rock formations, waterfall and deep valleys many of which require walks of many miles over difficult terrain to reach. Dave finished with an amazing image of a complete rainbow which he managed to photograph on a sudden break in the weather on a very stormy day.
Frank Collins thanked Dave for his presentation and for showing a selection of stunning images not seen by the club before. PM
Images: top - Lulworth Cove by Sue Wadman, top right- group members by Craig Purvis, left- Corfe Castle by Roly Barth
below right- Westmoreland Cairn by Dave Gray.