‘Extraordinary Ordinary' Look differently at your photography! 22 January 2019   
SC VortexOn a frosty evening Simon Caplan LRPS was welcomed to the club for a presentation which he described as looking for 'the beauty hidden in the environment'.
SC curlSimon has a creative eye for finding subjects that most people would not even notice – patterns on a floor, textures, peeling paint, rusty iron as well as shiny metal objects – even air conditioner fans can make a good subject for him!!
Interesting images can be found anywhere if you look hard enough – look beyond the obvious he said.
Simon has had many exhibitions of his prints some of which now hang in public places and he brought along a selection to show the club.
Giving his humorous presentation Simon described some of the problems he finds when taking photographs of rather unusual subjects – often in odd situations.
Setting up a tripod can cause problems sometimes as industrial areas, churches and shopping centres have ‘health and safety’ rules about such things. 
When you have found a suitable subject the background is very important – try and find a complimentary colour by moving around or even take something with you that can be used for an out of focus colour.
Decide exactly where your point of focus is going to be as Simon believes that every image should have a really sharp area however small. Learn how to use depth of field to have just the amount of the image sharp that compliments the subject.
SC rustfaceIn his travels Simon looks around for interesting buildings and often contrasts old with modern and looks for unusual views and suggests sometimes using the camera at an angle to get something a bit different.
Laying on the floor looking up or looking down can give a completely different image – move around and take the subject from lots of different angles.
SC pillarsofsocietyHe looks out for geometric shapes, symmetry, interesting colours and often focuses on just a tiny area that is just a few centimetres in size.
Look out for subjects in scrapyards, fairgrounds, dockyards, railways and museums – even in the home a cheese grater or sieve can be used.
Sometimes Simon combines photographs making a montage of images that work well together.
When post processing - make sure that straight lines and angles are perfectly lined up to give a clean looking image. Sometimes making a monochrome image high key can give very clean blacks and whites to enhance the image.

Simon went on to show that he also takes landscapes, sets up still life’s and even people photos as well and encourages photographers to have fun and try out different things.

Steve Hardman thanked Simon for travelling from Bristol to give such an inspiring presentation and he says will now look at everyday objects in a different way. PM
Images© Simon Caplan LRPS  Top right: air conditioner fan, top left: detail in a church, left: old an modern buildings, right; rusty metal