'Projected Image League' 15 January 2019   
There were 48 sets of images entered in the Annual Projected Image League and members present were each given a scoresheet and requested to score each set out of 10.
DF wheelsMembers were asked to score the sets on their opinion of the quality of the 5 images, how well the images fitted the chosen title and above all how well the images looked together as a set.
PM blownClub members had been asked beforehand to send in their 3 sets of 5 images - each set to be on a theme of their choice. The images were then put together by Pam Mullings as a slideshow which showed the individual images and how the images looked together as a set.
Half of the sets were projected and then members took a break before the rest were shown.

Predictably for a club with a very high standard of natural history and landscape photography most of the sets featured these subjects but there were some other subjects to give variety.
We had sets featuring architecture, telephone boxes, people, flowers and even pigs!
Images shown are from some of the more unusual sets - 'Prayer Wheels' top  'Blown Away' right and  'Little Planets' below. The winning sets will be shown next week.
CW towerLandscapes depicted Snowdonia, Lake District and Bhutan, coastal and autumn scenes were popular subjects as well.
Four of the sets featured damsel and dragonflies as well as many sets of other tiny creatures. Birds were a popular subject with sets of robins, kingfishers, swans, pelicans and ‘pretty birds on sticks’.

Members had a great many superb images to view and score during the evening – we could have done with a few more entries but hopefully now members will have some ideas on making up their own sets so more will enter next time.
Thanks to all who entered and gave us an interesting evening.

Competition secretary Roly Bath collected the scoresheets at the end of the evening and has the difficult job of calculating the results. Scores for each set are averaged and then then scores from each entrants 3 sets are added together to give the final results and the winner of the Hewitt Cup. The results will be announced next Tuesday. PM