Challenge 18 - December
The subject for the very last DCC facebook Challenge 2018 was the colour 'Red'.
Rose by RBThe month started with some photos - as might be expected at this time of year with some Christmassy ideas – a bauble, Santa Claus and colourful shop windows and inevitably a robin. Other subjects photographed included a Winter Solstice sunset, a lighthouse and an old Morgan sports car
As the month went on evidently members were much too busy to look out for something red to photograph so the challenge has rather fizzled out.
The image that received the most ‘likes’ was a rather late in the season, fading red rose by Richard Blackbourne.
Thanks to those who took part who maybe have thought up a few new ideas and taken a few photos that they may not otherwise have taken. Only one completed the challenge which was to take at least one photo every month on each of the monthly chosen subjects.
You could always set yourself a personal challenge of finding something interesting to photograph - evey day, every week or every month!
Now is the start of a new year so go on looking for interesting new subjects to photograph wherever you might be..

Wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy 2019