Monochrome Print and Projected Image Competitions 11 December 2018   
For the first time the club has two monochrome competitions – one for prints and another for projected images. The large entry was judged by Clive Rathband FRPS FPSSA EFIAP DPAGB together with Joan Ryder Rathband FRPS FPSSA AFIAP DPAGB both being very experienced judges of National and International photographic competitions.
Clive said that he and Joan had scrutinised each image very carefully and they had both agreed on the final placings.
Clive said that the print entries were well presented but that ‘big is not always better’ as a large print shows up any imperfections and an A4 print can look very effective with a standard size mount. Clive said that as a judge he looks for images that have a ‘sparkle’ to give them lift and that makes them stand out. With monochrome images there should be a full tonal range - from black through to white with a range of tones in between.
There were 34 entries in the print section with a wide range of subjects. Clive commented on the good points in each print and gave his comments on how the image could have been improved. He said that members should carefully check over their images before printing and either crop, clone out or darken any light areas that take attention from the main subject. Many images had a bland sky giving a large area of white while some others lost detail in the darker areas. Clive and Joan felt that some of the images were ‘too busy’ with too many elements in the image taking attention away from the main subject.

Members from all sections of the club entered the competition and were judged together and it was pleasing to see that those awarded came from all three sections.
KW HarryThe winner of the monochrome print trophy was Chris Wilkes Ciudad ARPS with a stunning image of a church titled ‘St. Marys’. Architecture is a subject that converts well to monochrome and the detail on the stonework was outstanding. Chris was also awarded second place with 'British Museum' another architectural image.
‘Harry the Hat and his Uke’ left was an interesting, well executed image by Kyra Wilson LRPS and was in third place.
Highly Commended's were awarded to six more of the prints - see the details below.
GC TreesClive presented the William Fox Talbot Trophy for Monochrome prints to Chris – the first recipient of the new trophy. As there are now two monochrome competitions the club decided to purchase 2 new trophies. The ‘William Fox Talbot Trophy’ for prints and the ‘Constance Mundy Trophy’ for Projected Images – Constance was the wife of William and is credited as the first woman to take a photograph. The attractive new trophies were much admired as they each depicted the experimental image of a fern taken by Fox Talbot – one has the negative image engraved on it and one the positive.

After the break Clive set about giving his comments on the 59 projected images.

First place went to ‘Trees in the Mist’ right a woodland scene photographed by Gill Cardy FRPS EFIAP DPAGB. Clive said the tones were good and the trees well-spaced and it was a well-deserved winner.
PM lilies'Arum Lilies' left  by Pam Mullings was awarded second place – the judge commented that the focus was good throughout and the white areas well captured.
In third place was ‘Temple of the Night’ below right by Chris Wilkes- Ciudad with its temple building set among huge rocks set against a stormy night sky.

CW templeTwelve of the projected images were awarded Highly Commended.
Clive presented Gill with the Constance Mundy Trophy which was very appropriate as it went to a long standing lady member of the club.

The club is very grateful to Clive and Joan for taking on the difficult job of looking through all 93 monochrome images, giving helpful comments on each one and selecting those that gained awards in the two competitions.

Thanks to Roly Barth for organising the entries, Caroline Wright for selecting the new trophies and to all those members who entered giving us a very interesting evening.
Club Chairman Steve Hardman thanked Clive and Joan very much for their efforts judging such a marathon! PM
Full results                                                        
All the awarded images will be shown in the Galleries soon