Competition 2 - Open Projected Images  6 November 2018   
For the second Open Projected Image competition of the season the judge was Julie Kaye from Bristol. Julie took on the very onerous task of judging a competition in three sections which was a mix of landscape, nature, portrait, and creative images. After eliminating any photographs which had some kind of obvious technical fault such as lack of focus, poor colour or composition the judge then has to use personal preferences to decide which images get awards and even more difficult – which images to award the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placings in each section. HC tight
Julie gave her helpful opinion on each image and in some cases how it might be improved – often by cropping out parts of the image such as over large areas of sky or distracting features which do not contribute to the image. Depth of field was also an issue with many images.
Starting with the Beginners section Julie commented on each image. She particularly liked an action packed image by new member Helena Chambers of motorbike scrambling with mud flying around colourful bikes and riders and awarded first place to ‘Tight Corner’ left. Another of Helena’s images was placed second in the section – this time an interesting image of an old US pioneer surrounded by his everyday paraphernalia.
Third place went to ‘Black and White’ a well taken simple image of two dice by Avril McCarthy.
Paul Wells and Hilary Tapley were each awarded a Highly Commended.
Next Julie commented on the entries in the Intermediate section with its wide variety of subjects.MS racer Another motorbike – this time ‘Tiny Racer’ right by Martin Stokes caught the judges eye and was awarded first place. Martin managed to perfectly capture the sense of speed as the colourful bike and its rider sped around a track.
‘Living Dangerously’ by Craig Purvis was well titled as it portrayed a giant wave threatening to engulf the posse of coastal photographers on a jetty. Julie remarked on the good composition and the bravery or foolhardiness of being out taking photographs in such a  storm placing it second in the section.
A delightful landscape by Sue Wadman titled ‘Fields of Gold’ was in third place – with the judge commenting on the gorgeous colours and the way the crop lines were placed to lead the viewer into the image.
Craig and Sue also received a Highly Commended’s as did David Wilkinson and Roly Barth.
PM despairAfter the break the Advanced images were judged.
Due to the large number of entries Advanced members only had two of their three entries shown in this competition – this happens occasionally when the total number of entries exceeds 80.
Julie carefully commented on each image pointing out any flaws she felt spoiled the images. Finally, she picked out eight of the entries for the awards and explaining how difficult it had been for her to choose the final top places. Julie said she kept changing the order but finally had to come to a decision.
In first place was a poignant image of a poor mother and her children as they were alone in a dark alleyway – titled ‘Despair’ left  the creative image was by Pam Mullings. The judge commented on the well captured expressions on the children’s faces.
In close second place was ‘The Red Boat’ by Chris Wilkes Ciudad ARPS with its portrayal of a beached boat against green grass and a very blue sky. The image had been given a filter which gave it the impression of a very colourful oil painting.
In third place was a well-researched astronomical image by Robert Harvey ARPS EFIAP which superbly captured the night sky over Durdle Door. ‘Milky Way, Mars and Meteor’ cleverly managed to include all those elements which meant being at just the right place at the right time and to have the luck of perfectly clear sky as well! 
Another image by Chris was awarded a highly commended as were images by Caroline Wright, David Fraser, Dave Gray and Tim Tapley LRPS.
Thanks to Julia for her judging, Caroline for organising the competition and to Competition Secretary Roly for running the competition on the night and also to all those who entered images to give such an interesting evening.
And just a thought - without photographers volunteering to give their time to take on the task of looking carefully through the entries, giving their comments and judgement there would not be any competitions! PM
Full results        All the awarded images can be seen in the Galleries.