Studio Evening. Pirates are coming! 30 October 2018   
DG pirates6craigWell blow me down the pirates did indeed invade the Devizes landlubbers – with their fantastic costumes and an array of suitable props.
With lighting and backgrounds set up the pirates took up their poses and faced the posse of cameras.

Before everyone set to - some instructions were given regarding suitable camera settings to wirelessly set off the electronic flashes. Many members had not had access to studio lighting equipment before so it was a bit of a learning curve but before long everyone was managing to capture something of the swashbuckling atmosphere.
Everyone had a chance to move between the three lighting set ups picking their moment to capture the various scenes. There was a lot of creativity taking place as some photographers lay on the floor and others stood on chairs to try to portray rather unusual views.

SW pirate groupIt was ‘Ahoy me hearties’ as the lights flashed and the camera shutters clicked away as the pirates cleverly acted out scenes using props such as swords and pistols. Anyway with great gusto members enjoyed photographing the snarly faces and menacing looks as a variety of situations were acted out.
Many thanks to the ‘Heart of the South West Pirate Crew’ -  Wayne, Becki, Rick, Avril and Kirsty for giving up their time and patiently posing so expertly for club members.

Vice Chairman Roly Barth thanked the group on behalf of the club and members showed their appreciation SB piratesby a rousing round of applause.

Thanks to Kyra Wilson and Steve Burgess who brought along and set up their own studio lighting equipment and Kyra for arranging for the pirates to come and give such an entertaining evening.
Everyone seemed to very much enjoy the evening and hoped that something similar could be arranged in the future. PM

Members can see many of the fantastic pirate photos and also upload their own on the DCC facebook site. Not a member! Then just join facebook (no need to give personal details) and then request to join Devizes group
Images: Top: by Dave Gray Top right: by Craig Purvis Left: by Steve Burgess Right: by Sue Wadman

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