Chairman's Evening - an introduction to the club 4 September 2018   
Club Chairman Steve Hardman welcomed both returning club members and the large number of potential new members who had come along to the first meeting of the 2018-2019 season.
Steve was interested in the reasons why people became interested in photography as a hobby and suggested that to him it had meant seeing the world in a different way and noticing more details. He felt he now  very much appreciated the efforts of others and strived to take up the challenge of creating better images.
GC Crane danceWhatever the reason it should be fun and enjoyable. 
Devizes is one of the leading clubs in the area and is always open to new ideas and suggestions are always welcome.
Steve introduced the committee members – some of which were new to their posts.

Gill Cardy FRPS DPAGB EFIAP was congratulated on her images 'Japanese Crane Dance' right  being selected to represent Great Britain in the FIAP International Biennial Projected Nature competition held recently in Oman.

The club has organised landscape and nature group visits to many areas around the UK over the years. Recently day visits had been organised with renowned Nature photographer Nick Upton to photograph Swifts at Lacock, Beavers at a secret location and macro images of insects at Wadswick Common and Green Lane Woods.

RA Puffin with Nest MaterialRoly Barth gave a presentation about the clubs’ latest weekend visit in May to the island of Skomer off the Pembrokeshire coast.
Arrangements had been made for an overnight stay on the island so as to have the island to themselves after the day visitors departed and to observe the birds and mammals after dark.
RB Sunset over Wooltack PointThe main attraction was the huge colony of Puffins which allow photographers to get up very close to the activities around their underground nests. Images by several members were shown depicting not only puffins but a variety of other seabirds that were abundant on the cliffs. Members were lucky enough to be able to photograph Manx Shearwaters as they flew in to their nest sites complete darkness. Another highlight was to manage to photograph a short eared owl as it flew over. Above: Puffin by Richard Atkinson AFIAP & right: Skomer  Sunset by Roly Barth 

KW owlClub member Kyra Wilson showed 10 of her prints with which she recently gained her LRPS. Kyra explained the process that she followed and the rather daunting judging process in which some of her images were turned down for minor imperfections but which a few months later she was able to correct and on re-submission were passed by the judges. To gain an LRPS the images had to show photographic competence and show a range of subjects and techniques. The next step is an ARPS which Kyra said she might consider in the future.
Left: Little Owl by Kyra Wilson LRPS

Next - some of the members showed some of their images taken during the summer break.
Martin Stokes said he had taken time to plan his images to get the best light with resulting in some excellent images.
Sue Wadman showed some delightful landscapes and Liz Bates a variety of interesting subjects that had caught her eye.
Dan Morrel had taken a 4-month tour of South America and showed just 3 of his well taken images but no doubt we will see more during the season.

FC MonkAfter the break where everyone had a chance to chat and catch up a short sequence of images taken at Stourhead by Robert Harvey ARPS EFIAP was shown to demonstrate how a selection of landscape images and some music could be put together into an Audio-Video (A-V) presentation.
Later in the season there is an A-Vcompetition so members are encouraged learn the techniques and have a go and enter their A-V’s.

Club Battle secretary Frank Collins recently went on a photographic tour of Bhutan and brought a small selection of his many images to show. A wide range of photographs from colourfully dressed locals to amazing temples and monasteries, dramatic landscapes and nightscapes together with many red costumed monks. Frank said that until recently there were no internet stations in Bhutan but since their introduction almost everyone including the monks had mobile phones. The terrain was difficult at times and the high altitudes made climbing and moving about rather more difficult than usual. A very rewarding country to visit and enjoy taking images of the amazing scenery. 21st Century Monk by Frank Collins right

After rushing back from giving a presentation at another club - Programme Secretary Robert Harvey just had time to show what an interesting line up  of speakers he had arranged for the coming season. See the Programme for full details.

Steve just had time to thank everyone for their contributions for the entertaining evening.
The feedback from newcomers was that they very much enjoyed the evening and were looking forward to future meetings. PM