Challenge 2018 - August
MartinSThere was a wide range of subjects entered on the subject of 'Movement' 
The idea was to encourage members of our facebook group to try out various ways of giving an impression of something moving that could be shown in a still photograph. Nine people had a go with subjects ranging from wind-blown barley to splashing water - birds to flags - star trails to the international space station as it moved across the sky.
A lot of inspiration came from the Devizes Street festival with dancers, fireworks, street performers and the fairground being popular subjects.
Techniques used included double exposure, long shutter speeds and super-imposed images all managing to show movement in one way or another.
The images that got the most 'likes' was by Martin Stokes which showed cloud movement over Shearwater lake at sunset. - right
Thanks to all those who had a go at portraying 'Movement' in one way or another and hopefully had some fun with different ideas.

The subject chosen for the month of September is 'Reflections' 
Reflections in water are a popular subject but interesting images can be taken using mirrors, windows or any shiny surface. A chance to try out different ideas and perhaps come up with something a bit out of the ordinary.
To take part join the DCC facebook group (join facebook if not already a member and then apply to join the DCC group)