Challenge 2018
CW februaryIn case you have not looked recently at the club Facebook there is a challenge to take a photo (or several) that fit the subject set at the beginning of every month.
Last month the subject was 'New Beginnings' so members posted images of newly emerging plants, a new puppy, a new morning, eggs and even a newly ploughed field!

The image with the most 'likes' was Caroline Wright's image of raindrops on snowdrops showing that spring might be on the way - not that its looking like this today!
A stunning close-up image taken by Caroline using her phone.

Caroline is away so cannot choose the new subject so I have started the ball rolling by choosing 'THREE' as the March subject.
So get going and think of anything that fits that title. That should give a wide range covering landscapes, nature, street photography, architecture etc. or perhaps get out of your comfort zone and try something really different - anything goes so maybe 3 snowmen with todays snow!
No prizes or points given but a good way to share ideas and to get out and take photos of something a bit different on your camera or phone.

If you have not already joined our facebook then click and apply to join.  Then you to, can take up the challenge . PM