Competition 4 Open Projected Images  27 February 2018    
The evening turned out to be extremely cold and the roads icy so unfortunately fewer members than usual attended to hear Judge Sandie Cox give her comments and the results of the competition.
PE eiderSandie travelled all the way from Gloucestershire but did not encounter much snow until she neared Devizes. Sandie is well known for her stunning wildlife photography but is happy to give her opinion on any image - whatever the subject. She had looked very closely at all the entries and gave advice where needed on how some images might have been improved. Often there were dull areas which if cropped would have given more emphasis to the more interesting parts of the image 
In the Beginners section there were 27 entries portraying a wide variety of subjects – from motor-sports to birds and from fireworks to landscapes. Peter Eley’s ‘Eider, Slimbridge’ right was the judge’s favourite image in this section. The judge liked the way the photographer had caught the moment as the duck splashed up the water shaking its wings. 
In second place was ‘Adriatic at Dusk’ by Roly Barth with the judge commenting on the way the late evening light caught the edge of the jetty.DW otter Another striking image by Roly gained third place – this time of a group of Chelsea pensioners in their red coats and black tricorn hats titled ‘Farewell to Arms’. Martin Stokes was awarded two HC’s and Craig Purvis, Brian Appleby, Richard Blackbourne, Peter Eley and new member Jck Willis one HC each.
There were just 18 entries in the Intermediate section with a nature image titled ‘Otter Feeding on Crab’ left by David Wilkinson gaining first place. The judge liked the way the otter was portrayed as it sat amid the waves eating  its meal. David was also awarded third place for ‘Misty Morning an atmospheric image of a cow as it drank.
In second place was’ Evening Light at Portland’ by Steve Burgess with the lighthouse set against a blue sky with the waves braking on the rocks below. 'Winter Walk' by Steve was a monochrome image of a local canal side pub and gained an HC.
Jean Ingram was awarded HC’s for two of her images.
RH snowmoonThe Advanced section had a larger entry with 39 images for Sandie to judge. She said that she had a difficult job deciding which images gained awards and so some excellent images had to be left out.
The delightful delicate colours and the pink tinged mountain tops of ‘Snow Moon, Oks Fjord’right made Robert Harvey ARPS EFIAP the worthy winner of the Advanced section. Robert was also awarded an HC for his delightful floral image ‘Frosted Snakeshead Fritillary’
‘Raindrops’ by Pam Mullings with its rain splattered roses appealed to the judge and was in second place.
The stormy sky of Caroline Wright’s ‘Stormlight on Llanddwn Beach’ was remarked on by the judge and was given third place.
David Fraser did well with all three of his entries gaining an HC and Frank Collins and Richard Watson LRPS were each awarded two HC’s. Images by Tim Pier and Kyra Wilson LRPS were also awarded an HC.
Congratulations to all those whose images gained awards,
Many thanks to Sandie for giving her helpful comments on each image and giving her judgement, also to Caroline for organising the entries, members who sent in entries and also thanks to those members who braved the bad weather. PM
Full list of results                                                              All the awarded images can be seen in the Gallery                 Members can log in to see the points table.